MACOMBER LOOMS  130 Beech Ridge Road, York, ME 03909   (207) 363-2808




In all MACOMBER LOOMS the moving parts and braces are of metal.  There are no ropes or cords to stretch and they are therefore always in adjustment and ready for weaving.  The wood parts are locally purchased, hand selected, rough-cut hard maple and milled on-site at our facility.  All joints are carefully fitted and are as strong as glue and wood screws or bolts can make them.  All wood pieces are double clear lacquered and hand rubbed to a smooth durable natural finish.


The shed mechanism is a push-up rising shed type pioneered by Macomber Looms.  


Tie-ups from pedals to lamms are quickly and easily made by means of shaped steel SUPER HOOKS.  These may be connected between any pedal and any lamm of any combination and need no further adjustment.  Substantial handles and casters are attached to one or both sides depending on the weight, for convenience in carrying or transporting.


All MACOMBER LOOMS are built to order and are not available in store.  We ship our looms fully assembled and ready for you to start enjoying.  All you need to supply is the warp, the weft, and the know-how.