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Our Type B floor looms, LARGE MACS, are designed and constructed as the most versatile of floor looms, capable of weaving the finest of fabrics and the heaviest of rugs.

A LARGE MAC, with standard equipment, may be folded in less than 15 seconds, without injury to the fabric, to a size small enough to allow it to pass through a standard doorway.

*A LARGE MAC is an excellent choice as a first, second, or third loom.  Many of our customers have several.  Whether you want to weave the finest of fabrics or the heaviest of rugs, a LARGE MAC is always up to the task.  Thousands are currently in use in homes, schools, hospitals, and studios all over the world.

*LARGE MACS are available in 24", 32", 40", 48", 56", 64", and 72" weaving widths.  The 32" width and above are built in a standard ten harness frame, but may be ordered equipped with any even number of harnesses from four to ten.  The 24" is built in an eight harness frame only, with four, six, or eight harnesses installed.

*Twelve harness frames are available in 32" through 72" weaving widths.  Sixteen harness frames are available in 40" through 72" weaving widths.  Twenty harness frames are available in 48" through 72" weaving widths.

*Any of these frames may be ordered with less than the full number of harnesses at the start.  Then, if you decide to do more complicated patterns later, you simply order AD-A-HARNESS Units and install them yourself with the aid of a few simple tools, thus providing your loom with any even number of harnesses up to the capacity of the frame.  

*LARGE MACS come regularly equipped with one plain warp beam, a ratchet brake system, your choice of any dent reed up to 20 dents per inch, a boat shuttle, a reed hook, an adjustable heel rest, 2 leash sticks, 20 inserted eye heddles per weaving inch, the necessary SUPER HOOKS for any tie-up, and instructions for setting up.