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Our type CP portable floor looms (BABY MACS) combine all the best features and advantages of our large floor looms with the economy and portability usually associated with table models.  

They are made to fold very compactly with a few simple motions, to dimensions which make it possible to carry one in a car to and from your summer or winter home, or to guild meetings.  Folding or unfolding is easily done with the loom threaded, and does not disturb the fabric. 


*A BABY MAC is an excellent choice as a first loom and is also a good sample or workshop loom.  Thousands are currently in use in homes, schools, hospitals, and studios all over the world. 

*BABY MACS are available in 16", 20", and 24" weaving widths.  The 16" is made as a four harness loom.  The 20" is made in an 8 harness frame.  The 24" is made in an 8 harness frame only, although you still have the flexibility of ordering it with 4, 6, or all 8 harnesses.

*BABY MACS come regularly equipped with one plain warp beam, a ratchet brake system, your choice of any dent reed up to 20 dents per inch, a boat shuttle, a reed hook, 2 leash sticks, 20 inserted eye heddles per weaving inch, the necessary SUPER HOOKS for any tie-up, and instructions for setting up.

*BABY MACS are rigid and strong, considering their weight.  Their quiet, smooth action and large clean shed make them a pleasure to use.  



Baby Mac

in folded position

Baby Mac 

in sedan size trunk