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*An EXTRA LARGE MAC is not for everyone, but if you have the studio space and the need to do full size, extra large projects, then this is the loom for you.

*EXTRA LARGE MACS are custom built in 98", 122", and 146" weaving widths, in standard twelve harness frames.  However, you may order one with four, six, eight, ten, or twelve harnesses.  As with our LARGE MACS you can start out with four harnesses and add to the capacity of the frame.

*Two sets of pedals that accommodate two weavers at separate stations are standard equipment on all EXTRA LARGE MACS.  Each set of pedals may be moved left or right allowing the weaver or weavers to position them for the most effective use.  

*EXTRA LARGE MACS come regularly equipped with two sets of pedals, one plain warp beam, a single friction brake, dual aprons, your choice of any dent reed up to 20 dents per inch, a rug shuttle, a reed hook, 2 leash sticks, 20 inserted eye heddles per weaving inch, the necessary SUPER HOOKS for any tie-up, and instructions for setting up.


EXTRA LARGE MACS are designed and built with the same unique features of our LARGE MACS, plus some of their own. For example, the full width harnesses are made of an aluminum and steel construction that yields a harness that is extremely easy to raise, yet very rigid for its length.

A unique double jack system designed especially for EXTRA LARGE MACS utilizes full length lamms that further add to the ease and enjoyment of weaving. The harnesses rise evenly making a large clean shed, regardless of the position of the pedal stepped on, extreme left or right.