MACOMBER LOOMS  130 Beech Ridge Road, York, ME 03909   (207) 363-2808


In 1936 in Saugus, Massachusetts, Leroy W. Macomber revolutionized the hand loom with the introduction of AD-A-HARNESS Looms; expandable looms that allow a weaver to add harnesses up to the capacity of the frame; flexible looms that continue to grow with the weaver's interest, ability, and financial resources.  Macomber built "jack looms" where pushing down on a pedal raises a harness, as opposed to counterbalanced looms where the warp threads separate with some going up while others go down.  Other innovative features were the pedal hooks and the use of materials that don't stretch with prolonged use.

Mr. Macomber was an engineer at General Electric and his cousin Grace Reed had asked for his help in building a loom.  They worked together on several early designs but then parted ways, and Mr. Macomber designed the loom as it is today.  There have been only a few changes, mostly dictated by availability of materials.  In 1942, Macomber's nephew Frederick Hart Sr began working with him, and in 1962 Hart's son Rick joined on at the age of 14.  Macomber passed away in 1967 and his sister Della ran the business until 1972 when Hart Sr. and Jr. purchased it and moved it to York, Maine in 1976.  

Mr. Hart Sr. passed away in 2001, and Mr. Hart Jr. passed away in January 2012, but MACOMBER LOOMS continues as a family owned business that includes a group of people dedicated to preserving a tradition of craftsmanship and innovation by manufacturing only those products which meet the quality standards set by Mr. Macomber in 1936.